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Hisense 65u8h

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The Hisense U8H is a 65-inch LED-backlit LCD TV that is a successor to the U8G model. It comes with an enhanced color range and contrast ratio, providing an impressive picture quality that stands out in its class. The TV has a resolution of 3,840 by 2,160 and supports HDR in the form of Dolby Vision and HDR-10. Its contrast ratio is an impressive 198,226:1, and it has a screen brightness of 1982.26 nits. The black level of 0.01 cd/m^2 further contributes to the overall picture quality.

This television model is equipped with Google TV, which provides access to a variety of apps and features. It supports Google Assistant for hands-free voice control and Google Cast for content streaming. The TV also comes with four HDMI ports, along with composite, RF, and USB video inputs. It's worth noting that the U8H has a 120Hz refresh rate panel, which makes it a good choice for gamers. It also supports variable refresh rate (VRR) and AMD FreeSync Premium, which further enhances its gaming performance.

Compared to the previous U8G model, the U8H offers wider color and higher contrast. However, the two models are similar in terms of features and performance, so there isn't a significant pressure for users of the previous model to upgrade. Another model from the same brand, the Hisense U6H, also features the same Google TV interface as the U8H, but it doesn't match the U8H in terms of display quality, brightness levels, or performance. Overall, the Hisense 65U8H provides flagship-level picture quality and solid gaming features, making it an excellent midrange TV option.

Preview of the official model Hisense 65u8h

Exceptional Midrange Television with Outstanding Features

Picture Quality Excellent contrast and color range with a contrast ratio of 198,226:1, vibrant and detailed picture quality, screen brightness of 1982.26 nits, and black level of 0.01 cd/m^2
Display Resolutions 3,840 by 2,160
Input Ports Composite, HDMI, RF, USB
Refresh Rate 120 Hz with Variable Refresh Rate (AMD FreeSync Premium)
Smart Features Google TV with hands-free Google Assistant and Google Cast, Streaming Services Support

Please note that some specifications such as dimensions, black frame insertion, motion interpolation, and power consumption were not provided in the review.

Unleash the Power of Vibrant Display and Solid Gaming Features

The Hisense U8H stands out for its exceptional contrast and color range, delivering vibrant and detailed picture quality.

Key Benefits:

  • Impressive Contrast and Color Range: Enjoy rich, vibrant, and detailed visuals, thanks to the excellent contrast and wide color range.
  • Google TV and Hands-free Google Assistant: Access various apps and features with the inbuilt Google TV. Navigate and control your TV hands-free with Google Assistant.
  • Solid Gaming Features: The 120Hz panel, variable refresh rate (VRR), and AMD FreeSync Premium support offer a seamless and immersive gaming experience.
  • Low Input Lag in Game Mode: With just 8.1 ms input lag in Game mode, get ready for responsive and lag-free gaming.
  • High Screen Brightness: The high screen brightness of 1982.26 nits ensures clear and bright visuals, enhancing your viewing experience.

A Few Hiccups to Consider Before Making a Purchase

While the Hisense U8H offers impressive features and performance, potential buyers should be aware of a few drawbacks that could impact their viewing experience and overall satisfaction. Here are the key points to consider:

  1. Occasional Light Bloom: The TV may display slight light bloom in dark scenes, which can affect the depth of black levels. This is a common issue with LED-backlit LCD TVs and can slightly compromise the overall picture quality.

  2. Potential Upgradability Concerns: The U8H is a successor to the U8G model and shares many of its features and performance characteristics. Therefore, if you already own the U8G, the U8H may not offer a significant enough upgrade to justify the cost.

  3. Lack of OLED Display: Although the LED display of the U8H provides impressive contrast and color range, it may not match the deep black levels and infinite contrast ratio of an OLED display. This could be a downside for viewers who prioritize these aspects of picture quality.

  4. Potential Software Compatibility Issues: The TV is equipped with Google TV, which may not be compatible with all apps or streaming services. This could limit the range of content that users can access directly through the TV.

A Vibrant and Responsive TV Worth Considering

The Hisense U8H offers impressive features that make it an excellent choice for both general viewing and gaming. Its vibrant color range and impressive contrast promise a stunning visual experience, while Google TV and hands-free Google Assistant add a layer of convenience. However, the occasional light bloom may be an issue if you're particularly sensitive to black levels in dark scenes.

The TV's pricing strategy may be slightly confusing, with two different prices listed for the same model. But regardless of the price you end up paying, the value you get from this TV's features and performance is undeniable. If you're in the market for a new TV and are looking for an outstanding midrange option, the Hisense U8H should be on your shortlist.

Rating: 9

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