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Samsung 65-Inch S95C OLED TV

4K Resolution
HDR Support
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The Samsung 65-Inch S95C OLED TV, as highlighted in the review, is a high-performing television model that stands out in its brightness and color performance. Its OLED panel type, coupled with the screen size of 65 inches and a display resolution of 3,840 by 2,160, promises a vibrant and immersive viewing experience. This model also boasts a high screen brightness of 888.9 nits, which is impressive for an OLED TV and provides a bright and clear display. The infinite black level and contrast ratio ensure deep and true black colors, enhancing the overall picture quality.

This model is also equipped with a low input lag of 1.8 milliseconds in gaming mode, making it an excellent choice for gamers who require a fast response time. In addition, this TV supports AMD FreeSync technology, which can help reduce screen tearing and stuttering during gaming. However, no Nvidia G-Sync support is mentioned.

In terms of smart features, the Samsung S95C OLED TV supports AirPlay 2, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung Bixby voice assistants. These features enhance the user experience, allowing for voice control and easy integration with Apple devices. Additionally, the TV supports HDR-10 and has four HDMI ports, offering a wide range of connectivity options. The review does not mention specific power consumption details or sound quality, which could be crucial factors for some consumers. The review also does not provide information on the variable refresh rate and comparison with other models.

Preview of the official model Samsung 65-Inch S95C OLED TV

Unraveling the Features of a Brilliant OLED TV

Picture Quality Brightness: 888.9 nits, Black Level: Infinite, Contrast Ratio: Infinite
Display Resolutions 3,840 by 2,160
Input Ports HDMI, RF, USB (Number of HDMI Ports: 4)
Dimensions Screen Size: 65 inches
Refresh Rate 144 Hz
Smart Features AirPlay 2 support, Amazon Alexa and Samsung Bixby voice assistants

Experience Vibrant and Immersive Viewing with OLED Technology

The most appealing feature of this TV is its OLED panel type, which is known for delivering superior color performance and brightness compared to other technologies.


  • Incredibly Bright Display: With a brightness level of 888.9 nits, this TV offers a vivid and bright viewing experience.
  • Outstanding Color Performance: With an OLED panel, the TV provides fantastic color performance for a more immersive viewing experience.
  • Low Input Lag: With an input lag of just 1.8 milliseconds in gaming mode, this TV is a great choice for gamers who need a responsive display.
  • Smart Features: The TV supports AirPlay 2 and includes Amazon Alexa and Samsung Bixby voice assistants for easy control and integration with your smart home ecosystem.
  • Multiple HDMI Ports: With 4 HDMI ports, you have plenty of options to connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Consider these Factors Before Making Your Purchase

The main issue with the Samsung 65-Inch S95C OLED TV is its high price, but there are other potential downsides to consider.

  • High Cost: The Samsung S95C OLED TV is considered expensive, which might make it less accessible for some people.

  • Limited Voice Assistant Support: While it does support Amazon Alexa and Samsung Bixby, it lacks support for Google Assistant. This might be a deal-breaker for people who heavily rely on Google's ecosystem.

  • No Specific Details on Sound Quality: The review does not provide any information about sound quality. For a high-end TV, sound quality is a critical factor and the lack of details might make it hard for a potential buyer to make a decision.

  • Lack of Information on Power Consumption: The review does not mention the power consumption of the TV. Knowing the power consumption is crucial for people who are concerned about energy efficiency and long-term electricity costs.

  • No Support for Nvidia G-Sync: The TV supports AMD FreeSync but no information is provided about Nvidia G-Sync support. This could be a downside for gamers who use Nvidia graphics cards.

An Outstanding OLED TV with Some Caveats

The Samsung S95C OLED TV offers an impressive viewing experience with its fantastic color performance and superb brightness, which is quite remarkable for an OLED TV. The low input lag makes it a great choice for gamers, and the inclusion of AirPlay 2, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung Bixby voice assistants enhances its smart features. However, the absence of Google Assistant might be a drawback for some users.

Despite its high cost, the stunning picture quality and advanced features make it a worthwhile investment for those who prioritize premium viewing experience. However, if you are on a budget or heavily reliant on Google Assistant, you might want to explore other options.

Rating: 9

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