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Hisense A6 A65K Series

4K Resolution
Budget TV
HDR Support
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Comprehensive Overview of the Latest TV Technology

The Hisense A6/A65K Series represents a significant step forward in budget television offerings, introducing substantial improvements that enhance the viewing experience. With a high native contrast ratio, the TV excels in dark room settings, displaying deep blacks that rival more expensive models. The addition of a PFS-phosphor coating expands the color gamut, delivering richer, more vibrant hues, which is a noteworthy upgrade over previous models. The support for Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is a strategic enhancement aimed at gamers, reducing screen tearing and ensuring smoother gameplay which is a fresh addition to the feature set.

The smart capabilities of the television are powered by the Google TV interface, providing users with a seamless and intuitive experience. Access to a wide array of streaming apps is a given, with the Google Play Store further expanding the available content. Voice control functionalities are incorporated, allowing for hands-free operation and smart home integration. For those seeking a TV that doubles as a PC monitor, the set's proper display of Chroma 4:4:4 ensures clear and crisp text, which is an essential characteristic for multitasking users.

In terms of connectivity, the model offers a generous number of HDMI ports, particularly in the larger sizes, facilitating the connection of multiple devices. The inclusion of both wide and narrow stand position options in the larger sizes provides versatility in setup, catering to different space requirements. Additionally, VESA compatibility ensures that wall mounting is an option, offering flexibility in room layout and design.

Preview of the official model Hisense A6 A65K Series

Technical Specifications

Picture Quality Native Contrast: 8,379 : 1, HDR Brightness: Peak 2% Window - 327 cd/m², Peak 10% Window - 323 cd/m², SDR Brightness: Real Scene Peak Brightness - 294 cd/m², Color Gamut: DCI P3 xy - 91.75%, DCI P3 uv - 94.94%, Rec 2020 xy - 67.74%, Rec 2020 uv - 74.60%, Gray Uniformity: 50% Std. Dev. - 5.235%, Black Uniformity: Good with some cloudiness
Display Resolutions 4K resolution with Chroma 4:4:4 support for clear text from a PC
Input Ports HDMI Ports: Four HDMI ports with full HDMI 2.0 bandwidth support, USB Ports: Two USB ports, Other Ports: Digital Optical Audio Out, Analog Audio Out (3.5mm), Ethernet, and Composite In (with adapter)
Dimensions Max Thickness for the 65-inch model: 2.91" (7.4 cm)
Refresh Rate Max VRR supported at a refresh rate of up to 60 Hz with a range from 48 Hz to 60 Hz
Power Consumption Operating consumption: 65 W, Max consumption: 167 W
Smart Features Runs on Google TV interface with access to Google Play Store and streaming apps, voice control capabilities
Sound Quality Frequency Response: Low-Frequency Extension at 119.87 Hz, Maximum sound level: 86 dB SPL

Advantages of the Latest TV Offering

The key feature of this television is its high native contrast ratio, which is crucial for a superior dark room viewing experience. Here's a list of benefits:

  • Deep Blacks: Ideal for watching movies in a dark environment.
  • Smart Interface: Wide selection of streaming apps available.
  • Gaming Performance: Low input lag and VRR support for a smooth gaming experience.
  • Color Range: Enhanced color gamut for a visually striking picture.
  • PC Monitor Clarity: Clear text display with Chroma 4:4:4 support.
  • Light Reflection Handling: Good performance in rooms with some light.
  • Connectivity Options: Multiple HDMI ports for device connectivity.
  • Sound Level: Sufficient maximum volume for clear audio output.

Potential Downsides of the Television

The main issue with this television is the limited viewing angle which affects image quality when viewed from the side. Here's a detailed list of cons:

  • Viewing Angles: Image quality suffers significantly off-center.
  • Screen Uniformity: Noticeable uniformity issues may be distracting.
  • HDR Peak Brightness: HDR content does not shine as it should.
  • Lack of Local Dimming: Cannot dynamically enhance contrast in bright scenes.
  • Refresh Rate Cap: 60Hz maximum may disappoint avid gamers.
  • Gray Uniformity: Inconsistent grays can be bothersome for web and document use.
  • BFI Unavailability: No Black Frame Insertion feature for motion clarity.
  • Low-End Sound: The bass response may not satisfy all users.

Expert Purchase Recommendation

This television is a mixed bag that appeals to a specific market segment. The strong native contrast ratio and smart features make it an attractive option for users who prioritize a good dark room performance and a robust smart TV experience on a budget. Its gaming capabilities with low input lag and VRR are commendable, though the 60Hz refresh rate cap is a limiting factor for competitive players.

On the flip side, for those with wide seating areas or looking for the pinnacle of HDR performance, this set may not be the ideal choice. The image quality degradation at angles and limited peak brightness could be deal-breakers. Additionally, the lack of local dimming and mediocre gray uniformity might be concerning for some users. Overall, the television fits a niche within the budget range, offering a balance between price and performance. Potential buyers should weigh these aspects carefully against their individual viewing habits and preferences to make an informed decision.

Rating: 7.4

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