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Hisense A6H LED TV

4K Resolution
Budget TV
HDR Support
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Television Overview

This television represents an evolution in Hisense's lineup, standing out with its integration of Google TV 11, which offers a fast and intuitive smart platform experience. With a 4K resolution panel, the television ensures that viewers can enjoy their content with crisp and clear visuals. A significant step up from its predecessor, the A6G, this model introduces HDMI Forum VRR support, making it more gamer-friendly by reducing screen tearing during gameplay.

The display employs an LED IPS panel (except for the 50" variant which uses a VA panel), which maintains color uniformity across wide viewing angles, an essential feature for those with large seating arrangements. This feature is particularly useful for those who often entertain guests or have a family that gathers around the TV from different vantage points in the room. Additionally, it supports chroma 4:4:4 which is a boon for users who wish to use the television as a PC monitor, ensuring sharp and clear text rendering.

The upgrades are not just limited to the smart interface and gaming features; the television also exhibits a commendably low input lag at various resolutions, sitting at around 9.7 ms. This makes it highly responsive, a quality gamers and casual viewers alike will appreciate. With these enhancements, the television marks a step forward in Hisense's commitment to improving user experience and adapting to the evolving demands of the television market.

Preview of the official model Hisense A6H LED TV

Technical Specifications

Picture Quality LED, IPS-type panel (VA panel for 50"), 4K resolution, 603:1 contrast ratio
Display Resolutions 4K resolution
Input Ports Four HDMI 2.0 Full Bandwidth, Two USB ports, One Digital Optical Audio Out, Composite In (adapter required)
Dimensions Stand footprint for 65" model: wide position (50.1" x 12") or alternate position (25.5" x 12")
Refresh Rate 60Hz native refresh rate
Power Consumption Approximately 60 W during regular use
Smart Features Google TV 11 interface
Sound Quality Frequency Response with Low-Frequency Extension of ~151 Hz

Key Features and Benefits

The television's most significant feature is its Google TV 11 interface, which provides a user-friendly and responsive smart TV experience. Below is a list of other notable features and benefits:

  • Wide Viewing Angles: Ideal for rooms with multiple seating positions.
  • Low Input Lag: Highly responsive for gaming and quick interface navigation.
  • VRR Support: HDMI Forum VRR helps in reducing screen tearing in games.
  • Google TV 11: Access to a vast selection of streaming apps and a smooth interface.
  • Chroma 4:4:4 Support: Ensures clear and sharp text for use as a PC monitor.
  • 4K Resolution: Delivers high-definition picture quality for a more immersive viewing experience.
  • Multiple HDMI Ports: Ample connectivity options for various devices.
  • Energy Efficient: Low power consumption during standard operation.

Considerations Before Purchase

The main challenge with this television is its performance in dark room settings due to a mediocre contrast ratio. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Mediocre Contrast Ratio: Blacks may appear gray in dark viewing environments.
  • Lack of Local Dimming: No enhancement of black levels and contrast.
  • Insufficient Brightness: Struggles with glare in very bright conditions.
  • Limited Refresh Rate: Only 60Hz, not ideal for high frame rate gaming on newer consoles.
  • Underwhelming HDR Performance: Lacks the brightness and color volume for vibrant HDR content.
  • No 4k @ 120Hz Support: HDMI 2.1 bandwidth is not utilized for high frame rate gaming.
  • Limited HDR Formats: Specific HDR formats support not provided.

Purchase Consideration

When considering this television, it's important to weigh the comprehensive feature set against the limitations in contrast and brightness. The Google TV 11 interface and the gaming-oriented features like VRR support and low input lag present a strong case for those who value a seamless user experience and gaming performance. However, the underwhelming HDR performance and the lack of high frame rate support at 4K resolution could be potential deal-breakers for enthusiasts seeking the best visual fidelity in their home entertainment setup.

For someone who prioritizes a responsive smart TV interface and plans to use the television in a well-lit room or for gaming, this could be a solid choice. Its suitability as a PC monitor adds versatility for users who want a multi-purpose display. However, those seeking a television primarily for cinematic HDR content or who have a dedicated home theater room might want to consider alternatives with better dark room performance. Personal viewing habits and the specific use case should guide the final decision, as this television offers a balanced package for certain scenarios but may fall short for others.

Rating: 5.2

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