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Hisense U6 U6H Series

4K Resolution
Budget TV
HDR Support
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Television Summary

The Hisense U6/U6H Series marks a significant update in Hisense's product line, offering an array of sizes tailored to different viewing preferences. The series is designed to cater to a variety of users, featuring a high native contrast ratio that delivers deep blacks, which is particularly noticeable in dark viewing environments. This, coupled with its full-array local dimming feature that works effectively to enhance picture quality in dark scenes, ensures an immersive viewing experience for the user.

The television comes equipped with a VA panel, which is recognized for its ability to maintain a high contrast ratio, making it well-suited for 4K content. The integration of Google TV version 11 as the smart interface provides users with a modern and intuitive operating system, allowing for seamless streaming and smart home integration. Furthermore, the TV supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of high dynamic range content.

A notable inclusion is the variable refresh rate (VRR) support, which, alongside the low input lag, makes the TV a viable option for gamers. The ability of the television to effectively remove judder from 24p sources and its capacity to upscale lower-resolution content without issues are additional features that demonstrate the model's versatility. These attributes signify a thoughtful approach to design, with a focus on enhancing the overall user experience across various content types.

Preview of the official model Hisense U6 U6H Series

Technical Specifications Table

Picture Quality LED, VA Panel, 4K Resolution, Native Contrast Ratio: 7,585 : 1, Local Dimming with up to 32 zones (65" model), HDR Support (HDR10 and Dolby Vision), SDR Brightness: Real Scene Peak Brightness - 362 cd/m², Color Gamut: DCI P3 xy - 94.14%, Rec 2020 xy - 70.37%
Display Resolutions Supports up to 4K @ 60Hz
Input Ports HDMI Ports: 4 (HDMI 2.0 Full Bandwidth), USB Ports: 2, Other Inputs: Digital Optical Audio Out, Analog Audio Out (3.5mm), Composite In, Tuner (Cable/Ant), Ethernet
Dimensions Wall Mount VESA Compatibility: 400x200
Refresh Rate Native Refresh Rate: 60 Hz, VRR Support: HDMI Forum VRR, FreeSync
Smart Features Smart OS: Google TV Version 11, Cast Capable, USB Drive Playback, HDR in Netflix and YouTube
Sound Quality Frequency Response: Low-Frequency Extension Not specified, Max Volume without significant distortion

Key Feature and Benefits

The most important key feature of this television is its high native contrast ratio which ensures a superior viewing experience with deep blacks. Below is a list of the benefits:

  • High native contrast ratio for enhanced dark room performance.
  • Upscaling of lower-resolution content without issues.
  • Good peak brightness and reflection handling suitable for well-lit rooms.
  • VRR support and low input lag making it ideal for gamers.
  • Effective removal of judder from 24p sources.
  • Decent full-array local dimming that improves picture quality in dark scenes.
  • Support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision for a better HDR experience.
  • Google TV interface provides a user-friendly and feature-rich smart TV platform.

Main Problem and Downsides

The main problem with this television is the noticeable motion blur, which could affect fast-moving content such as sports and gaming. Here are some potential downsides:

  • Uniformity issues with bright colors that may distract viewers.
  • Narrow viewing angle that could result in a washed-out image from the side.
  • Noticeable motion blur with fast-moving content.
  • Lack of HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, limiting high-frame-rate gaming potential.
  • No 120Hz panel, which affects compatibility with next-gen gaming consoles at higher frame rates.
  • Limited high-frame-rate gaming features, which may disappoint avid gamers.
  • Some models may have worse peak brightness and response time compared to previous versions.
  • Potential for better color performance and contrast in other similar models.

Purchase Recommendation

When considering this television for purchase, it's important to weigh the features against the intended use. The deep blacks and local dimming capabilities make it an excellent choice for movie enthusiasts, while the VRR support and low input lag will satisfy most casual gamers. However, the lack of HDMI 2.1 and a 120Hz panel may be a dealbreaker for those looking to use this TV with next-gen consoles at higher frame rates.

It's also worth noting that while the smart features are robust, those with a preference for wide-angle viewing may be disappointed due to the narrow viewing angle. In conclusion, this television offers a balance between performance and affordability, making it a solid option for mixed usage if one can overlook the limitations in motion handling and viewing angle. Personal experience with the TV has shown that for everyday viewing and moderate gaming, it can be a very satisfying investment.

Rating: 7.4

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