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Samsung 77 Inch S90C OLED TV

4K Resolution
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Innovative Television Experience

The latest television to hit the market brings a suite of advancements that set a new standard for visual and interactive excellence. With a 77-inch OLED display, this unit showcases the absolute pinnacle of picture quality, delivering an expansive wide and accurate color range that covers the DCI-P3 color space meticulously. The OLED panel ensures viewers enjoy infinite contrast ratios, thanks to the true black capabilities intrinsic to the technology. This is complemented by an impressive peak brightness that reaches up to 726 nits, a figure that is especially noteworthy for an OLED television, ensuring that HDR content is displayed with the vividness and detail it deserves.

This television is not just a feast for the eyes but also a hub of connectivity and interactivity. It boasts a quartet of HDMI ports, ensuring ample connectivity options for various devices. The inclusion of a feature-rich Tizen Smart TV platform offers a gateway to numerous streaming services, while the integration of far-field microphones for Amazon Alexa and compatibility with Apple AirPlay 2 underscores the TV's commitment to smart home ecosystems. The remote further exemplifies the TV's eco-friendly ethos, equipped with a solar panel that reduces the need for disposable batteries, making it a device for the environmentally conscious viewer.

Gamers will find this television to be a formidable ally, thanks to its sub-millisecond input lag in Game mode, which is a groundbreaking achievement. It also supports a native refresh rate of 120 Hz, which can be boosted to 144Hz with Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) when connected to a PC. Additionally, it includes AMD FreeSync Premium to ensure smooth gameplay. Though Nvidia G-Sync compatibility is not mentioned, the ultra-low input lag and high refresh rates make this TV a top contender for gaming excellence.

Preview of the official model Samsung 77 Inch S90C OLED TV

Technical Specifications Table

Picture Quality OLED panel, supports HDR (HDR10, HDR10+, HLG), infinite contrast ratio
Display Resolutions 3840 by 2160
Input Ports HDMI, RF, USB, with 4 HDMI ports (one eARC)
Refresh Rate 120 Hz native, up to 144Hz VRR when connected to a PC
Smart Features Tizen Smart TV platform, Amazon Alexa, Apple AirPlay 2

Envisioning Next-Level Viewing

The most salient feature of this television is its OLED technology, providing viewers with an unmatched visual experience. The benefits of purchasing this TV include:

  • Exceptional Picture Quality: The OLED panel delivers vibrant, accurate colors and true blacks.
  • High Brightness Levels: Uncommon for OLED TVs, it can reach up to 726 nits, making HDR content stand out.
  • Ultra-Low Input Lag: Gamers will appreciate the sub-millisecond response time in Game mode.
  • Eco-Friendly Remote: The solar-rechargeable remote is both convenient and environmentally friendly.
  • Smart Connectivity: Integration with streaming services and compatibility with smart home systems.
  • High Refresh Rate: A 120 Hz native refresh rate, upgradable to 144Hz with VRR for smooth motion.
  • HDR Support: Despite lacking Dolby Vision, the TV supports other HDR formats like HDR10 and HLG.
  • Gaming Features: It includes AMD FreeSync Premium for tear-free gaming, though lacks Nvidia G-Sync support.

Potential Deal-Breakers

The primary concern with this television is the lack of Dolby Vision support, a feature expected in high-end TVs. The potential downsides include:

  • Limited HDR Format Support: No Dolby Vision may disappoint enthusiasts of cutting-edge HDR content.
  • Smart Platform Usability: The Tizen platform can be cumbersome and unintuitive to navigate.
  • Gaming Compatibility: While it boasts low input lag, the absence of Nvidia G-Sync might be a drawback for some gamers.
  • Ecosystem Lock-In: The TV's full feature set may be best realized within a Samsung-centric ecosystem.
  • Limited Sound Discussion: The review does not detail the sound quality, which is a crucial aspect of the viewing experience.
  • Smart Remote Limitation: The solar panel in the remote may not be as effective in low-light environments.
  • Power Consumption: The review does not specify power consumption, an important factor for eco-conscious consumers.
  • Unmentioned Features: Lack of information on motion interpolation and black frame insertion features.

Expert Buying Advice

When it comes to purchasing a high-end television, the balance between cost and features is critical. This particular television stands out for its exceptional picture quality, eco-friendly approach with a solar-rechargeable remote, and features that cater to gamers with remarkably low input lag. While the absence of Dolby Vision might give pause, the TV's other HDR capabilities and smart features make it a compelling option for many.

The decision to invest in this television should be weighed against individual priorities and usage patterns. If one's entertainment setup is heavily reliant on gaming or if they seek a TV with a strong environmental statement, this television is a strong contender. However, for those for whom Dolby Vision is non-negotiable or who prefer a more intuitive smart platform, looking at alternatives might be advisable. Ultimately, this television delivers a high-quality viewing experience that is hard to overlook, especially for those who value cutting-edge OLED technology and gaming performance.

Rating: 9

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