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Samsung CU8000

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The Samsung CU8000 is an entry-level 4K TV released in February 2023. It is a part of Samsung's 2023 lineup and replaces the North American model from 2021. This model sits above the CU7000/CU7000D series and below the QLED lineup, specifically the Q60T series. It competes with other entry-level models such as the Sony X80K and LG UQ8000.

In terms of picture quality, the CU8000 has an okay contrast ratio, although it lacks local dimming, resulting in washed-out dark scenes. It also does not get very bright in both SDR and HDR modes, which limits its performance in brightly lit rooms. The TV has a slow response time, leading to motion blur during fast-action scenes and gaming.

However, the CU8000 excels in upscaling lower resolution content, making it suitable for watching DVD movies. It has a wide color gamut, providing vibrant and colorful visuals, but its lack of brightness affects HDR content, with highlights not standing out.

The TV comes with the same remote as more expensive models, featuring voice controls for easy content navigation. Its design is simple and straightforward, without any fancy features or accents.

Overall, the Samsung CU8000 is a decent entry-level 4K TV with some limitations in terms of picture quality and performance. It is suitable for movie watching, especially with lower resolution content, but may not be the best choice for gaming or use as a PC monitor. The Samsung TV model XYZ is a mid-range television set that offers excellent value for money. Released in [release date], this TV comes with a range of impressive features that make it a great choice for both homes and offices.

One notable improvement in this model is the inclusion of popular streaming services, allowing users to easily access their favorite content. Additionally, the TV offers voice control capabilities for both Bixby and Alexa, making it even more convenient to use.

The design of the TV is sleek and modern, with a single button underneath the Samsung branding on the right side. This button allows users to easily turn the TV on/off, change volume, channels, and inputs.

Sound quality is another strong point of this model, ensuring an immersive viewing experience. However, it is worth noting that the TV does not support DTS audio format, which may be disappointing for some users.

Overall, the XYZ model offers a feature-rich television setup without breaking the budget. It comes with accessories such as a remote control and power cable, making it a convenient and affordable choice. Whether you're looking for a TV for your living room or office, this model is definitely worth considering.

Preview of the official model Samsung CU8000

A comprehensive look at the technical specifications of Samsung CU8000

Model Samsung CU8000
Display Type LED
Screen Sizes 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, 85-inch
Resolution 4K Ultra HD
Local Dimming No
Refresh Rate 60Hz
Variable Refresh Rate No
Backlight Strobing Yes
Response Time Poor
Viewing Angle Inadequate
Color Gamut Very good
Smart TV Yes
Operating System Tizen OS
Voice Control Yes
HDMI Ports 2
USB Ports 1
Sound Decent
Remote Control Included, with rechargeable battery and USB-C charging capability
Ads on Home Screen Yes
Streaming Services All major streaming services supported

A comprehensive overview of the capabilities of Samsung CU8000

The most important key feature of the Samsung CU8000 TV is its entry-level price point. Despite being a budget-friendly option, it still offers several advantages and benefits:

  1. Crystal Processor 4K: The TV utilizes Samsung's Crystal Processor 4K, which provides powerful 4K upscaling for enhanced picture quality, especially when watching lower resolution content like DVDs.

  2. Wide Color Gamut: The CU8000 has excellent color gamut coverage, including DCI-P3 and Rec 2020 color spaces. This results in vibrant and colorful content, making movies and shows more immersive.

  3. Low Input Lag: Gamers will appreciate the low input lag when the TV is in Game Mode. This ensures a responsive gaming experience, allowing for quick and precise actions.

  4. Voice Controls: The included remote supports voice controls, making it easy to find and navigate your favorite content. Simply speak your commands, and the TV will respond accordingly.

  5. Decent Sound Quality: The TV offers decent sound quality, with a balanced frequency response at moderate levels. While it may not match the audio performance of dedicated sound systems, it provides satisfactory sound for everyday use. The most important key feature of this TV is its smart functionality, which allows you to access popular streaming services and control the TV using voice commands through Bixby and Alexa.

Other advantages and benefits of purchasing this TV include:

  • Convenient control: The single button underneath the Samsung branding on the right side of the TV allows you to easily turn the TV on/off, change volume, channels, and inputs, providing a convenient and hassle-free user experience.

  • Good value for money: This mid-range TV offers good value for money considering its features, such as sound quality, smart features like app selection and voice control capabilities, making it an affordable yet feature-rich option for your home or office.

  • Included accessories: The package includes a remote control and power cable, saving you the hassle and additional cost of purchasing these items separately.

  • Wide app selection: With access to popular streaming services, you can enjoy a wide range of content options, including movies, TV shows, and music, right from your TV without the need for additional devices.

  • Enhanced audio experience: While DTS audio format isn't supported, the TV still offers good sound quality, ensuring an enjoyable viewing experience for your favorite shows and movies.

Examining the downsides of Samsung CU8000

The main problem with the Samsung CU8000 TV is its lack of local dimming, which results in washed-out dark scenes and poor HDR performance. Here are the potential downsides of purchasing this TV:

  1. Limited brightness: The TV's HDR brightness is disappointing, with highlights not standing out and an overall poor HDR experience. It lacks the brightness needed to display HDR content properly.

  2. Poor motion handling: The TV has a slow response time, leading to motion blur and ghosting in fast-paced action scenes. This makes it unsuitable for sports viewing or gaming, where smooth and clear motion is crucial.

  3. Inadequate viewing angles: The TV's viewing angles are narrow, causing colors to lose saturation and accuracy when viewed off-center. This means that the image quickly appears darker towards the sides, making it less enjoyable for group viewing.

  4. Limited connectivity options: The TV lacks support for DTS audio format, so connecting external speakers or a soundbar is necessary for the best sound quality. Additionally, it doesn't support HDMI 2.1 features like Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), which could be disappointing for gamers.

  5. Subpar PC monitor performance: The TV's BGR subpixel layout can cause issues when used as a PC monitor, leading to text clarity problems and negatively impacting overall image quality. The narrow viewing angles and poor response time can also be problematic for PC use. The main problem with purchasing this TV is the lack of support for DTS audio format. This can be a major downside for those who have a collection of DVDs and Blu-rays that use DTS audio.

Some potential downsides of purchasing this TV include:

  1. Limited app selection: While the TV offers smart features and app selection, it may not have all the apps that you may want or need. This can be disappointing if you have specific streaming services or apps that you regularly use.

  2. No support for DTS audio format: As mentioned earlier, the lack of support for DTS audio format is a major downside. This means that you may not be able to fully enjoy the audio experience of your DVDs and Blu-rays that use this format.

  3. Limited voice control capabilities: While the TV offers voice control capabilities for Bixby and Alexa, it may not have all the advanced features and functionality that you may expect. This can be a drawback if you rely heavily on voice control for your TV operations.

  4. Single button control: The TV has a single button underneath the Samsung branding on the right side for power, volume, channel, and input control. While this may be convenient for some, it may not offer the same level of control and ease of use as a dedicated remote control with separate buttons for each function.

  5. Mid-range sound quality: While the TV offers good sound quality, it may not match the audio performance of higher-end models. This can be a downside if you are an audiophile or if you value a superior audio experience while watching movies or listening to music.

Wrapping up: Our conclusive thoughts on this model

The Samsung CU8000 is an entry-level 4K TV that offers decent picture quality and features for its price. While it lacks local dimming and has poor HDR brightness, it does have good color gamut coverage and upscaling capabilities. The TV's response time is slow, leading to motion blur in fast-paced scenes, but it has low input lag in Game Mode. The sound quality is average, and the smart features, although with reduced functionality, provide access to major streaming services. Overall, the CU8000 is a suitable option for those looking for a budget-friendly 4K TV, especially for movie watching and gaming, but it may not be the best choice for well-lit rooms or sports viewing.

The Samsung TV offers a range of features at a mid-range price, making it a good value for money option. The sound quality is good and the smart features, including app selection and voice control, provide convenience. The inclusion of a remote control and power cable is a nice touch. However, it is disappointing that the TV does not support DTS audio format, which may impact the viewing experience for those who enjoy DVDs and Blu-rays. Overall, if you are looking for an affordable TV with a good range of features, this model is worth considering.

Rating: 7.5

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