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Samsung QE55QN95B

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The Samsung QE55QN95B is a 55-inch 4K TV that was released as part of Samsung's flagship 4K range. It offers impressive HDR performance, excellent upscaling, and high-end gaming features. The design of the QN95B is elegant and minimalist, with slim bezels and a sturdy stand. It comes with a One Connect box that holds all the connections, power supply, and processing. This box can be mounted on the back of the TV's stand or wall-mounted. The TV features Samsung's Ultra Wide Viewing Angle technology, providing excellent viewing angles in terms of brightness and color consistency.

The Tizen interface on the QN95B is divided into different hubs for media apps, search, ambient mode, and gaming. The gaming hub offers access to cloud gaming apps like Utomik, GeForce Now, and Xbox Game Pass. It has four HDMI inputs that support the 2.1 standard and can handle 4K 144Hz gaming. It also features eARC for pass-through of soundtracks like Dolby Atmos to a sound system. Other gaming features include auto low latency mode and variable refresh rate support. The QN95B offers incredibly bright HDR performance with impressive peak brightness levels, thanks to the Quantum Mini LED backlight.

The black levels are near-inky, and the HDR performance brings out tones and gradations in colors that OLED TVs struggle to match. The upscaling capabilities of the QN95B are also impressive, with the ability to upscale HD content to near-4K quality. The audio quality of the QN95B is average, lacking weight and punch. Overall, the Samsung QE55QN95B is an excellent 55-inch 4K TV that offers brilliant HDR performance, impressive upscaling, and high-end gaming features. It is Samsung's best 4K TV in terms of picture quality, brightness, and gaming features.

Preview of the official model Samsung QE55QN95B

A comprehensive look at the technical specifications of this model

Brand Samsung
Model QE55QN95B
Display Size 55 inches
Resolution 4K
HDR Support Yes
Design Elegant, minimalist
Bezels Slim
Stand Sturdy
One Connect Box Yes
Ultra Wide Viewing Angle Yes
Tizen Interface Yes
HDMI Inputs 4 (2.1 standard)
eARC Support Yes
Gaming Features Auto low latency mode, variable refresh rate
Picture Quality Bright HDR performance, near-inky black levels
Blooming Some present
Upscaling Capability Impressive
Audio Quality Average
Dolby Atmos Support Yes
Soundbar Compatibility Recommended
Pricing Varies by region
Conclusion Excellent picture quality, brightness, and gaming features

A quick breakdown of why you should consider Samsung QE55QN95B

The most important key feature of the Samsung QE55QN95B is its impressive HDR performance.

Other advantages and benefits of purchasing this TV include:

  1. Excellent upscaling: The TV can upscale HD content to near-4K quality with strong colors and detail levels, making even standard-definition content look decent.
  2. High-end gaming features: The TV supports 4K 144Hz gaming, auto low latency mode, and variable refresh rate support, providing an immersive gaming experience.
  3. Elegant and minimalist design: With slim bezels and a sturdy stand, the TV's design adds a touch of sophistication to any room.
  4. Ultra Wide Viewing Angle technology: This technology ensures excellent viewing angles in terms of brightness and color consistency, allowing everyone in the room to enjoy a great picture quality.
  5. Abundance of streaming and gaming apps: The TV offers access to a wide range of streaming apps for movies and music, as well as cloud gaming apps like Utomik, GeForce Now, and Xbox Game Pass.

Overall, the Samsung QE55QN95B offers brilliant HDR performance, impressive upscaling, high-end gaming features, an elegant design, and a wide range of streaming and gaming apps.

Limitations to keep in mind for this model

The main downside of purchasing the Samsung QE55QN95B TV is its average audio quality. While it supports Dolby Atmos, the speakers lack weight and punch, which can diminish the overall viewing experience.

Other potential downsides of this TV include:

  1. Blooming in certain scenes: Despite its impressive HDR performance, there is some blooming present in certain scenes. This can be distracting and affect the overall picture quality.

  2. Limited availability and pricing variations: The availability and pricing of the QE55QN95B can vary by region. This means that it may not be as easily accessible or competitively priced in certain areas.

  3. Not as strong in black levels and contrast as OLED TVs: While the QE55QN95B offers excellent color range and volume, it cannot match OLED TVs in terms of black levels and contrast. If deep blacks and high contrast are important to you, an OLED TV may be a better choice.

  4. Average upscaling of standard-definition content: While the upscaling capabilities of the QE55QN95B are impressive for HD content, the same cannot be said for standard-definition content. While it still looks decent, it is not as sharp or detailed as HD or 4K content.

  5. Audio quality might require additional investment: If you are looking for a TV with exceptional audio quality, you may need to invest in a soundbar or external speakers to enhance the audio experience. The built-in speakers of the QE55QN95B lack the desired weight and punch.

Wrapping up: Our conclusive thoughts on this model

The Samsung QE55QN95B is a highly capable 55-inch 4K TV with impressive HDR performance and high-end gaming features. Its elegant design and excellent viewing angles make it a visually appealing option. However, it is important to note that there is some blooming present in certain scenes, and the audio quality is average. While the QN95B offers brilliant HDR performance and impressive upscaling, it may not be a significant upgrade for those with recent flagship Samsung 4K TVs. Ultimately, the decision to purchase this TV should be based on individual preferences and priorities, such as prioritizing color range and volume over black levels and contrast.

Rating: 7.5

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