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Samsung QN85C QN85CD QLED

4K Resolution
QLED Display
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Television Summary

The latest iteration in the Samsung QN85 series brings about a suite of enhancements that solidify its position in the market as a versatile choice for varied viewing environments. Notably, the television excels with an exceptional contrast ratio when local dimming is activated, which is particularly beneficial for viewers seeking an immersive cinematic experience in darker settings. The device's capability to handle reflections and deliver outstanding peak brightness levels for both SDR and HDR content also makes it a formidable option for brightly lit rooms.

Gaming aficionados will find the inclusion of comprehensive gaming features particularly appealing. The television supports all variable refresh rate (VRR) technologies and boasts 4 HDMI 2.1 bandwidth ports, allowing for high-quality 4k gaming at 120Hz. Fast-moving scenes are crisply rendered thanks to the low input lag and good response time, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. Moreover, viewers can enjoy a consistent image quality from various angles, highlighting the TV's adaptability to different room layouts.

In terms of smart capabilities, the TV is equipped with the latest version of Tizen OS, offering a user-friendly interface and access to a wide array of streaming services and apps. The availability of different sizes ranging from 55 to 85 inches caters to diverse space requirements, while the region-specific panel types—ADS in the US and VA in Europe—exemplify the manufacturer's attention to market preferences. Although the number of local dimming zones is an estimate based on reviews, it indicates a substantial commitment to improving the depth and realism of on-screen images.

Preview of the official model Samsung QN85C QN85CD QLED

Technical Specifications

Picture Quality LED, ADS (similar to IPS), 4K, Contrast Ratio 834 : 1 / 87,391 : 1
Display Resolutions Supports up to 4k @ 120Hz
Input Ports 4 HDMI 2.1 Full Bandwidth, 2 USB, 1 Digital Optical Audio Out, 1 Ethernet Port, 1 Tuner (Cable/Ant), Low Input Lag (Game Mode)
Black Frame Insertion (BFI) Supports BFI at both 60Hz and 120Hz
Motion Interpolation Available for content up to 120Hz
Variable Refresh Rate HDMI Forum VRR, FreeSync, G-SYNC Compatible
Smart Features Tizen OS (2023 version)
Sound Quality Low-Frequency Extension: 100.79 Hz

Key Feature and Advantages

The television's exceptional contrast with high local dimming capabilities stands out as the paramount feature that enhances the viewing experience in dark environments. The advantages of this TV include:

  • Bright room performance: Equipped with decent reflection handling and exceptional SDR and HDR peak brightness.
  • Gaming features: Support for all VRR technologies and 4k @ 120Hz gaming through HDMI 2.1 ports.
  • Responsiveness: Very low input lag coupled with good response time.
  • Viewing angles: Image remains consistent at moderate angles.
  • Smart interface: Powered by the latest Tizen OS for access to streaming services and apps.
  • Variety of sizes: Available in 55", 65", 75", and 85" to fit different spaces.
  • Local Dimming Zones: Enhanced depth of images with a high number of local dimming zones (estimates).

Main Problem and Downsides

The inability to fully disable local dimming may be the main drawback for some users who prefer a more natural image without software interference. The downsides of this TV include:

  • Local Dimming: Cannot be turned off completely.
  • Content smoothing: Mediocre performance with low-quality content, leading to macro-blocking in dark scenes.
  • Format support: Lack of Dolby Vision and DTS support.
  • Sound performance: In-built speakers lack bass and show compression at higher volumes.
  • Black uniformity: Superior in Samsung model but potentially outclassed by some competitors.
  • Local Dimming Zones: Number of zones is based on estimates, not confirmed by Samsung.

Buying Recommendation

When considering this television, one must weigh the impressive array of visual enhancements against the absence of certain advanced format support. The device's adept handling of both dark and bright room conditions, coupled with its gaming prowess, makes it a compelling choice for a multidimensional entertainment hub. The smart features powered by Tizen OS enhance its appeal by facilitating easy access to a variety of content.

However, the limitations in audio performance and the lack of Dolby Vision support might deter enthusiasts looking for a complete home theater package. While the sound quality can be supplemented with external audio systems, the omission of popular HDR formats could be a deal-breaker for those invested in premium visual experiences. Ultimately, the decision should hinge on the individual's prioritization of features and their specific use-case scenarios. If superior contrast and gaming features top the list, this TV is a strong contender, but if audiovisual format compatibility is paramount, it may be prudent to explore other options.

Rating: 8.3

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