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Samsung QN90C/QN90CD

4K Resolution
QLED Display
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The Samsung QN90C/QN90CD QLED television model is a high-performance TV that excels across a range of uses, from watching movies and gaming in a dark room to daytime viewing in bright rooms. The high contrast ratio, peak brightness, and excellent reflection handling ensure a clear and vibrant display in diverse lighting conditions. The TV also boasts a decent viewing angle, facilitating comfortable viewing from moderate angles without any image fading. The 4K (Ultra HD) resolution and ADS (IPS-like) panel type further enhance the viewing experience with high-quality visuals.

This TV model is particularly suitable for gamers due to its low input lag, quick response time, and extensive selection of gaming features. The inclusion of the Variable Refresh Rate support, compatibility with HDMI Forum VRR, FreeSync, and G-SYNC, and the availability of Motion Interpolation for both 30 fps and 60 fps content, all contribute to a smooth and immersive gaming experience. The TV also offers four HDMI ports with HDMI Arc/eARC support and two USB ports, increasing its connectivity options.

The Samsung QN90C/QN90CD QLED is also equipped with smart features, including an easy-to-use interface with a broad selection of apps, and the Samsung SmartThings app for remote control via smartphones. The Tizen OS (Version 2023) powers these smart features. The TV also demonstrates good sound quality, although there is some compression at max volume. The power consumption is relatively low, with a maximum of 180 W and a typical consumption of 57 W. The model comes in a range of sizes, from 43" to 85", with a maximum thickness of just 1.06" (2.7 cm), making it a versatile choice for various room sizes and settings.

Preview of the official model Samsung QN90C/QN90CD

Detailed Specifications of the High-End Television

Picture Quality Contrast: Native Contrast - 1,674:1, Mini LED Local Dimming - 83,200:1; Peak Brightness: HDR - 890 cd/m², SDR - 1,270 cd/m²; Color Gamut: DCI-P3 Coverage - 91.13%, Rec.2020 Coverage - 68.31%; Color Volume: 88.1% DCI-P3 Coverage at 1,000 cd/m²
Display Resolutions Resolution: 4K (Ultra HD); Panel Type: ADS (IPS-like)
Input Ports HDMI Ports: Four HDMI ports with HDMI Arc/eARC support; USB Ports: Two USB ports; Digital Optical Audio Out: Yes
Dimensions Sizes Available: 43", 50", 55", 65", 75", and 85"; Maximum Thickness: 1.06" (2.7 cm)
Refresh Rate Optional Black Frame Insertion available; Motion Interpolation available for both 30 fps and 60 fps content; Variable Refresh Rate support for smoother gaming experience; Compatible with HDMI Forum VRR, FreeSync, and G-SYNC Compatible
Power Consumption Power Consumption (Max): 180 W; Power Consumption (Typical): 57 W
Smart Features Smart OS: Tizen OS (Version 2023); App Selection: Great selection of apps available; Remote App: Samsung SmartThings app for remote control via smartphones
Sound Quality Frequency Response: Low-Frequency Extension - 100.79 Hz; Dynamic Range Compression: Bit of compression at max volume

Immerse Yourself in the Ultimate Viewing Experience

The Samsung QN90C/QN90CD QLED TV stands out with its superior performance in both dark and bright rooms, making it a versatile choice for diverse viewing conditions. Here are the key features and benefits that make this TV a worthy investment:

  • High Contrast Ratio: Enjoy watching movies or gaming in a dark room with excellent image quality due to its high contrast ratio.
  • Peak Brightness and Superb Reflection Handling: Experience minimal glare while watching TV shows or sports during the day, thanks to its high peak brightness and reflection handling.
  • Decent Viewing Angle: Comfortable viewing from moderate angles without image fading from the sides.
  • Impressive Gaming Features: Low input lag, quick response time, and a range of gaming features make it a top choice for gamers.
  • Easy-to-Use Smart Interface: Navigate effortlessly with an easy-to-use interface and a great selection of apps.
  • High Resolution: Enjoy crystal clear image quality with its 4K (Ultra HD) resolution.
  • Multiple Inputs: Four HDMI ports, two USB ports, and digital optical audio out provide multiple connectivity options.
  • Energy Efficient: With a maximum power consumption of 180W and typical power consumption of 57W, it's an energy-efficient choice for your home.

Potential Drawbacks of Your Next Television Purchase

While the Samsung QN90C/QN90CD QLED TV model offers a host of impressive features, potential buyers should be aware of some potential downsides before making a decision. Here are the key points that could affect your viewing experience:

  1. Stutter in Slow-Panning Shots: Some users have reported noticeable stutter during slow-panning shots, which can detract from the overall viewing experience, particularly during movies or TV shows with a lot of these types of scenes.

  2. Macro-blocking in Low-Quality Content: If you often watch low-quality content, you may experience macro-blocking with this TV model. This is where the TV struggles to correctly interpret the data, resulting in blocks of color on the screen.

  3. Limited Viewing Angle: While the TV has a decent viewing angle, the image may fade from the sides if viewed from extreme angles. This could be a problem in larger rooms where seating is spread out.

  4. Dynamic Range Compression at Max Volume: The sound quality may suffer at max volume due to some dynamic range compression. This could affect the clarity of dialogues and sound effects in movies and TV shows.

  5. Power Consumption: The power consumption of this model is relatively high. This could potentially increase your electricity bills, particularly if the TV is used frequently or for extended periods.

  6. Lack of Dolby Vision Support: Unlike some competitor models, this TV does not support Dolby Vision, a popular HDR format that provides superior brightness and color accuracy in supported content.

  7. Possible Rainbow Smearing: While not specifically mentioned in the review, it's worth noting that some QLED models can suffer from rainbow smearing, where fast-moving objects leave a trail of color.

  8. Limited Black Frame Insertion: The optional Black Frame Insertion feature is available, but it may not be as effective as on some competitor models, potentially affecting motion clarity.

A High-Performing Choice for Most Users

The Samsung QN90C/QN90CD QLED TV is a commendable choice for those seeking a high-performance TV for varied uses - be it movies, gaming or watching TV shows. Its impressive contrast ratio and high peak brightness make it suitable for both dark and well-lit rooms, while the good viewing angle ensures a comfortable viewing experience from multiple angles. However, stuttering in slow-panning shots and macro-blocking in low-quality content may be observed, which might be a deal-breaker for some.

On the other hand, it shines in the gaming department due to its low input lag, quick response time, and a host of gaming features. The easy-to-use smart interface and a great selection of apps add to the overall usability. While it does have some shortcomings, the Samsung QN90C/QN90CD QLED TV is a strong contender in its category, and its strengths might outweigh the drawbacks for many potential buyers.

Rating: 8.3

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