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Sony X90K Series

4K Resolution
HDR Support
High Refresh Rate
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In-depth Analysis of the Latest Television

This television stands out with its Cognitive Processor XR, designed to deliver a picture quality that appears natural and lifelike. Enhancements from prior models are evident, particularly in the realm of gaming features, where support for HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, VRR, and a low input lag contribute to a responsive gaming experience. The inclusion of full-array local dimming and a high native refresh rate of 120 Hz significantly improves the depth and clarity of images, ensuring that fast-moving content is displayed with exceptional smoothness.

The LED VA panel boasts an impressive native contrast ratio, providing deep blacks and excellent dark room performance, a feature that has seen refinement over previous models. The television's HDR performance is noteworthy, with a wide color gamut and extensive color volume that brings vividness to images. Despite its many advancements, the model maintains an energy-efficient operation, with average power consumption at a modest 75 W and a peak that can reach 161 W during more intense usage.

Smart functionalities are seamlessly integrated, thanks to the Google TV platform, which runs on version 10 of the operating system. The user experience is further enhanced by the inclusion of voice control capabilities and a remote designed for ease of use. The sound quality of the television does not take a backseat, with a frequency response starting at 84.76 Hz and the ability to produce a maximum sound output of 93.3 dB SPL, although speaker configurations may vary with the size of the television.

Preview of the official model Sony X90K Series

Technical Specifications Chart

Picture Quality Contrast Ratio (Native): 34,557 : 1, HDR Peak Brightness: 784 cd/m² (2% Window), 754 cd/m² (10% Window), SDR Brightness: 579 cd/m² (Real Scene), 828 cd/m² (2% Window), Color Gamut: DCI P3 xy: 90.23%, Rec 2020 xy: 71.88%, Gray Uniformity: Std. Dev.: 3.887%
Display Resolutions Supports up to 4k @ 120Hz, Proper Chroma 4:4:4 with 1080p and 4k up to 120Hz
Input Ports HDMI Ports Total: 4, USB Ports Total: 2, Digital Optical Audio Output Total: 1
Refresh Rate Native Refresh Rate: 120 Hz, BFI Flicker Frequency: "720 Hz"
Power Consumption Average Functional Consumption: "75 W", Maximum Consumption: "161 W"
Smart Features Google TV Version "10", Built-in voice control functionality, Hands-free voice control
Sound Quality Frequency Response Lower Limit: "84.76 Hz", Max Sound Output: "93.3 dB SPL"

Key Advantages of the Television

The television's stand-out feature is its impressive contrast ratio, essential for deep blacks and an immersive viewing experience. Here are additional benefits:

  • Excellent SDR and HDR peak brightness suitable for well-lit rooms.
  • Google TV smart platform with a plethora of apps and voice search capabilities.
  • Strong gaming performance with HDMI 2.1, VRR support, and low input lag.
  • Wide color gamut and great color volume for vibrant HDR content.
  • Effective upscaling of lower-resolution content.
  • 120 Hz native refresh rate for smooth motion in fast-paced scenes.
  • Energy-efficient operation with moderate power consumption.
  • Advanced sound output with adequate frequency response and high volume levels.

Potential Downsides of the Television

The primary drawback is the television's performance in very bright environments, which can be compromised by glare. Here are further considerations:

  • Struggles with glare in extremely bright conditions.
  • Narrow viewing angles that can affect image quality when not viewed head-on.
  • Visible blooming around bright objects on the screen.
  • Zone transitions can be noticeable, especially in fast-moving scenes.
  • Large lighting zones contribute to average bloom handling.
  • Trailing halos may be observed behind moving objects.
  • Lacks advanced reflection handling compared to higher-end models.
  • Speaker design varies with size, which might affect sound quality in different models.

Expert Buying Perspective

When considering this television, the balance of features against the cost is a crucial factor. It delivers excellent picture quality, particularly for viewers who appreciate deep blacks and vivid HDR content. The gaming capabilities are robust, making it a strong choice for those with the latest consoles. Smart features are well-integrated, offering convenience and a wide array of applications. The sound output is more than satisfactory for a television's built-in speakers.

However, potential buyers should weigh the limitations, such as the less-than-ideal performance in very bright rooms and the narrow viewing angles. For those prioritizing a television that can handle bright environments better or who need wider viewing angles, there may be better-suited options on the market. Ultimately, this television represents a solid investment for users who value excellent dark room performance and gaming features, and who typically view content head-on. Personal experience has shown that, for the right environment and use case, this TV delivers an immersive and responsive entertainment experience.

Rating: 8.1

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