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TCL 85 Inch Q7 Class TV

4K Resolution
HDR Support
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Television Overview

The 85-inch LED TV introduces a range of enhancements and features designed to cater to the modern viewer's demands. The display supports 4K resolution with high dynamic range content, ensuring a vivid and immersive viewing experience. With the inclusion of Dolby Vision and HDR10, users can expect a picture quality that boasts strong contrast and rich, accurate colors. The TV's design follows the contemporary trend of a nearly edge-to-edge glass panel, making it a sleek addition to any living space.

In terms of performance, the TV comes equipped with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, ensuring smooth motion for fast-paced content and gaming. Gamers, in particular, will appreciate the Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) feature, including Freesync Premium Pro compatibility, which allows up to 144Hz at 4K and up to 240Hz at 1080p, minimizing screen tearing and stuttering. The input lag in Game Mode is impressively low, clocking in at 6.7 ms, which is ideal for a responsive gaming experience.

Connectivity is a strong suit for this television, as it runs Google TV and includes hands-free Google Assistant and Google Cast. It also supports Apple AirPlay, allowing for easy integration with the Apple ecosystem. These smart features ensure that users can access a wide range of streaming services and control their TV with voice commands, offering a seamless and modern user experience.

Preview of the official model TCL 85 Inch Q7 Class TV

Television Technical Specifications

Picture Quality Strong contrast and color, supports Dolby Vision and HDR-10
Display Resolutions 4K (3,840 by 2,160)
Input Ports HDMI, Composite, RF, USB
Refresh Rate 120 Hz, VRR up to 144Hz at 4K and up to 240Hz at 1080p
Smart Features Google TV, hands-free Google Assistant, Google Cast, Apple AirPlay

Key Advantages

The most important key feature of this television is its strong picture quality, enhanced by high dynamic range support. Below is a list of its features and benefits:

  • Enhanced Viewing Experience: Strong contrast and vivid color reproduction.
  • Smart Connectivity: Integration with Google TV and hands-free Google Assistant.
  • Apple Ecosystem Compatibility: Seamless streaming with Apple AirPlay.
  • Gaming Optimization: Low input lag and high refresh rates with VRR.
  • HDR Support: Compatibility with Dolby Vision and HDR-10.
  • Large Screen Size: Expansive 85-inch display for an immersive experience.
  • Voice Control: Easy operation with voice commands via Google Assistant.
  • Multiple Input Options: Ample connectivity with 4 HDMI ports and more.

Potential Downsides

The main problem with this television is its suboptimal brightness, which may affect visibility in well-lit rooms. Here is a list of potential downsides:

  • Lower Brightness Levels: Not as bright as its predecessors or some competing models.
  • Lack of ATSC 3.0 Tuner: Reduced reception capabilities for next-gen broadcast standards.
  • No Nvidia G-Sync: Could be a downside for gamers compared to competitors.
  • Not the Brightest in the Line: Previous models from the same series had higher brightness.
  • Price: While competitive, it may be pricier than some budget-friendly alternatives.
  • Market Position: Considered more of a mid-tier offering compared to high-end models.
  • Limited Power Consumption Data: Information on energy efficiency is not provided.
  • Sound Quality: Not evaluated, which could be a concern for audiophiles.

Purchase Recommendation

When considering this television, the balance between performance and price emerges as a central theme. It offers a range of sought-after features, such as 4K resolution, high refresh rates, and strong smart connectivity options, which make it a compelling choice for a variety of users. The gaming community in particular may find the low input lag and VRR features very attractive.

However, potential buyers should weigh the importance of brightness in their viewing environment, as this TV may not perform as well in brightly lit spaces. The absence of an ATSC 3.0 tuner also suggests that those who rely on over-the-air broadcasts may want to consider other options. Ultimately, this television offers a well-rounded feature set at a competitive price point, making it a suitable choice for those seeking a large-screen TV with modern features and solid gaming performance. Personal experience with the brand and this range suggests a reliable performance, but the final decision should align with the buyer's specific needs and viewing habits.

Rating: 8

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