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LG NANO75 2022

4K Resolution
Budget TV
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The LG NANO75 2022 is an entry-level 4K TV from LG's NanoCell Series, offering a range of sizes from 43" to 86". It is equipped with a webOS smart interface which is known for its speed and user-friendliness, and comes with a Magic Remote for easy navigation. The TV stands out for its image consistency at moderate viewing angles, and its ability to upscale lower resolution content effectively. For gamers, the exceptionally low input lag contributes to a responsive gaming experience. However, it lacks advanced features typically found in higher-end models, such as support for variable refresh rate.

The picture quality of this model is characterized by a contrast ratio of 783:1 and peak brightness levels of 223 cd/m² for SDR and 262 cd/m² for HDR content. It boasts a wide color gamut with 80.35% DCI P3 xy and 88.64% DCI P3 uv coverage, offering vibrant and rich colors. However, its low contrast ratio and sub-par brightness impact its performance in dark rooms and during HDR viewing.

In terms of input options, the LG NANO75 2022 is equipped with three HDMI ports, two USB ports, a digital optical audio output, a tuner, and an Ethernet port. It also has a native refresh rate of 60Hz but does not support variable refresh rates. The power consumption rates stand at 64W for regular use and can reach up to 111W at maximum. The sound quality is decent, with a low-frequency extension at 119.87 Hz and a maximum sound level of 87.8 dB SPL.

Compared to the previous version, the LG NANO75 2021, this model maintains similar viewing angles but compromises on the contrast. This could affect the viewing experience, especially in darker environments. Overall, the LG NANO75 2022 is a decent 4K TV with a focus on image consistency, user-friendly smart features, and gaming responsiveness.

Preview of the official model LG NANO75 2022

In-Depth Technical Specifications of the Reviewed Television

Picture Quality Contrast: 783 : 1, Peak brightness (SDR): 223 cd/m², Peak brightness (HDR): 262 cd/m², Color gamut: Wide color gamut (80.35% DCI P3 xy, 88.64% DCI P3 uv), Color volume: 1,000 cd/m² DCI P3 coverage (32.5%)
Display Resolutions Resolution: 4k
Input Ports HDMI x3, USB x2, digital optical audio out x1, tuner (cable/ant) x1, Ethernet x1
Dimensions VESA Mount: 300x300, Max Thickness: 2.68" (6.8 cm)
Black Frame Insertion Optional BFI: No
Motion Interpolation Motion Interpolation (30 fps): Yes, Motion Interpolation (60 fps): No
Refresh Rate Native Refresh Rate: 60 Hz, Variable Refresh Rate: No
Power Consumption Power Consumption: 64 W, Power Consumption (Max): 111 W
Smart Features Smart OS: webOS version 22, Voice Control: Many features available, App Selection: Great
Sound Quality Frequency Response Range: Low-frequency extension at 119.87 Hz, Max Sound Level: 87.8 dB SPL

Unleash the Power of Vivid Entertainment

The most important key feature of this TV is the exceptionally low input lag, which ensures a quick and responsive gaming experience.

Benefits of purchasing this TV include:

  1. Consistent Image Quality: The TV maintains image consistency even at moderate viewing angles, making it perfect for wide seating arrangements.
  2. Great App Selection: The TV comes with a wide range of streaming apps, providing endless entertainment options.
  3. Excellent Upscaling: Lower resolution content like DVDs or cable TV is upscaled well, ensuring a quality viewing experience regardless of the content's original resolution.
  4. User-friendly Interface: The TV features a fast and user-friendly webOS smart interface, making it easy to navigate through its various features.
  5. Quality Sound: With a maximum sound level of 87.8 dB SPL, you can expect a powerful and immersive audio experience.

Potential Downsides of This Television

The main issue with this TV is its subpar performance in dark rooms due to its low contrast ratio and poor black uniformity. Here are the key downsides to consider:

  • Low Contrast Ratio: This results in grayish blacks, which can significantly affect your viewing experience, especially in dark scenes or when viewing in a dark room.
  • Poor Black Uniformity: This TV struggles to display deep blacks consistently across the screen, which can lead to a lack of depth in darker scenes.
  • Sub-par Peak Brightness: Both in Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) and High Dynamic Range (HDR), the TV does not get very bright. This can affect glare in bright rooms and hinder the overall HDR experience.
  • Limited Gaming Features: The TV lacks advanced gaming features such as Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) support, which can limit its appeal for gaming enthusiasts.
  • Inadequate HDR Performance: Due to its sub-par peak brightness and low contrast ratio, the TV may not provide the best HDR movie viewing experience.

An Honest Take on Your Next TV Purchase

For those who prioritize a good viewing angle and a responsive gaming experience, the TV in question can be a solid choice. With its ability to upscale lower resolution content and provide a wide range of streaming apps, it stands out as an ideal option for casual viewers and gamers. However, if you're an avid gamer looking for advanced features or if you prefer watching in a dark room, you might find the TV's limitations in these areas disappointing.

On the other hand, if you're more into watching TV shows or using it as a PC monitor, this TV's performance is quite satisfactory. Considering its decent picture quality and user-friendly smart features, it can be a good fit for general use. But, if you're a movie buff who enjoys HDR content, you might find the sub-par peak brightness and poor black uniformity a bit off-putting. In conclusion, your decision to purchase this TV should be based on your viewing preferences and needs.

Rating: 6.4

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