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LG UQ7590 Television

4K Resolution
Budget TV
HDR Support
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Television Overview

The latest offering in the market is an advanced television designed to cater to the modern viewer's diverse needs. It comes with a 4K resolution screen that ensures crisp and detailed images. The inclusion of the α5 Gen5 AI Processor is a significant upgrade, offering refined picture and sound quality by optimizing content. The television's IPS panel technology, which is known for its wide viewing angles, makes it an excellent choice for living rooms where viewers may be seated at various angles from the screen. Variants within the series, specifically the 50” and 70” options, utilize VA panels, giving users a choice between better viewing angles or improved contrast ratios.

The television's ability to play HDR content and its support for the HDR10 format signifies its readiness for future-proof entertainment. The Chroma 4:4:4 support is a nod to versatility, as it enables users to use the television as a large PC monitor without sacrificing text clarity. The device is thoughtfully designed with a variety of size options, accommodating different spaces and preferences, and the provision for wall mounting offers additional flexibility in terms of placement.

In terms of smart capabilities, the television runs on the latest webOS version 22, which, although not the fastest on the market, provides a user-friendly interface and access to a range of streaming services and apps. This, combined with the promise of easy but potentially sluggish navigation, indicates a focus on providing a seamless smart TV experience that could benefit from future software optimization.

Preview of the official model LG UQ7590 Television

Technical Specifications

Picture Quality LED, IPS for most sizes, VA for 50” & 70”, 4K resolution, 1,012 : 1 contrast ratio, HDR10 support, No local dimming, Very good viewing angles
Display Resolutions 4K supported
Input Ports 2 HDMI 2.0 Full Bandwidth ports, 1 USB port, 1 Digital Optical Audio Out, 1 Tuner (Cable/Ant), 1 Ethernet
Dimensions 65-inch model: 49.2 inches (width), 11.9 inches (depth)
Refresh Rate 60Hz
Power Consumption On Mode: Approx. 68 W, Max: Approx. 112 W
Smart Features webOS 22, Remote control included, Ease of use with some sluggishness
Sound Quality Poor frequency response with low-frequency extension of 142.54 Hz

Key Feature and Benefits

The television's wide viewing angles and low input lag are its standout features, making it particularly suitable for larger rooms and gamers. Below are the benefits:

  • Wide Viewing Angles: Ideal for group viewing in large spaces.
  • Low Input Lag: Offers a responsive gaming experience.
  • HDR Content Playback: Supports HDR10 format for future-proof viewing.
  • Chroma 4:4:4 Support: Ensures crisp text when used as a PC monitor.
  • Large Size Options: Available from 43-inch to 86-inch to fit various room sizes.
  • Wall Mount Compatibility: VESA 400x300, allowing flexible placement.
  • Smart Interface: Runs on webOS 22 for access to streaming apps and services.
  • Variety in Panel Technology: IPS and VA options to cater to different preferences.

Main Problem and Downsides

The most pressing issue with this television is its lower than average contrast ratio, which may affect picture quality in dark scenes. Here are the downsides:

  • Lower Contrast Ratio: Leads to less defined blacks and details in shadows.
  • Limited Peak Brightness: Struggles with glare and doesn't make HDR content stand out.
  • No Local Dimming: Lack of enhancement for dark scenes and HDR highlights.
  • Motion Blur: Slow response time affects clarity during fast-moving scenes.
  • Lacks Advanced Gaming Features: No VRR or refresh rates above 60Hz.
  • Sluggish Smart Interface: May hinder the smart TV experience.
  • Subpar Sound Quality: Poor low-frequency response.
  • Design Variance in Series: Inconsistencies in stand and frame finish between sizes.

Purchase Consideration

When it comes to purchasing a television, it is crucial to weigh both the features and limitations to determine whether it aligns with your specific needs. This television strikes a balance between size versatility and smart features, offering a range of options for different viewing environments. The inclusion of the α5 Gen5 AI Processor and support for HDR content are notable advantages. However, given the shortcomings in contrast ratio and peak brightness, it may not be the best choice for those seeking cinematic quality or an immersive gaming experience.

In the realm of smart TVs, the market is competitive, and there are models that may offer better picture quality and smoother user interfaces at a similar price point. If the wide viewing angles and low input lag meet your primary requirements, such as for casual gaming or as a large PC monitor, this television could be a solid choice. However, for those prioritizing dark scene performance and advanced gaming features, it may be worthwhile to consider other options. Personal experience suggests that the practicality of size options and the potential for software optimizations make it a reasonable mid-range option, but careful consideration of its display limitations is advised.

Rating: 6.2

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