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Vizio Quantum Pro QLED

4K Resolution
HDR Support
High Refresh Rate
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In-Depth Television Summary

Leveraging the quantum dot color technology, the latest television offers a step up in visual fidelity with its ability to produce a remarkable color gamut for both High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) content. This results in vibrant and accurate colors that enhance the viewing experience. The display also supports high resolutions up to 4k at 120Hz, making it an excellent fit for modern gaming consoles and high-end PC setups. With a native refresh rate of 120Hz and support for Variable Refresh Rate technologies like HDMI Forum VRR, FreeSync, and G-SYNC, the set caters seamlessly to the needs of gamers, reducing screen tearing and ensuring smooth gameplay.

The television's design also caters to versatile use cases, proving to be a suitable choice as a PC monitor, thanks to its ability to display Chroma 4:4:4, which ensures clear text rendering. The 65-inch and 75-inch variants offer substantial screen real estate, with the larger size featuring a slightly more powerful processor, the IQ Ultra+ Processor, compared to the IQ Ultra Processor on the smaller version. Despite this, both sizes maintain consistent performance levels across various content types.

Upgrades from previous iterations are evident in the inclusion of the Full Array Local Dimming feature and the enhanced peak brightness, which significantly improves the viewing experience in bright environments. The high peak brightness paired with excellent reflection handling enables the TV to combat glare effectively. Additionally, the wide viewing angles of the IPS panel make it a good fit for rooms with wide seating arrangements, ensuring that the image remains consistent even when viewed from the side.

Preview of the official model Vizio Quantum Pro QLED

Technical Specifications

Picture Quality Native Contrast: 1,606:1, Local Dimming, HDR Brightness (Peak 2% Window: 667 cd/m²; Peak 10% Window: 898 cd/m²; SDR Real Scene Peak Brightness: 676 cd/m²), Wide Color Gamut, Gray Uniformity (darker sides)
Display Resolutions Up to 4k @ 120Hz, 1080p @ up to 240Hz
Input Ports HDMI: 1 port with HDMI 2.1 bandwidth (HDMI 3), USB Ports: 1, Digital Optical Audio Out, Tuners: ATSC 1.0
Refresh Rate Native 120 Hz, supports HDMI Forum VRR, FreeSync, G-SYNC Compatible from <20 Hz up to maximum stated capabilities
Power Consumption Typical: 29 W, Maximum: 275 W
Smart Features OS SmartCast with noted bugs, limited smart feature availability
Sound Quality Frequency Response: Okay with moderate volume, compression at high volumes, Distortion: Mediocre

Key Feature and Advantages

The most significant feature of this TV is its exceptional color accuracy and vibrancy, making it ideal for users who prioritize visual quality.

  • Wide viewing angles ensure a stable image when viewed from different positions.
  • High peak brightness and excellent reflection handling combat glare in bright rooms.
  • Low input lag enhances the gaming experience, making it more responsive.
  • Quick response time reduces motion blur, improving clarity in fast-moving scenes.
  • Support for 4k @ 120Hz gaming with advanced features like VRR for fluid gameplay.
  • Suitable as a PC monitor, displaying clear text due to Chroma 4:4:4 support.
  • Energy-efficient, with moderate power consumption during typical use.
  • Full Array Local Dimming for improved lighting control across the screen.

Main Problem and Downsides

The main drawback is the TV's low native contrast ratio, which affects the quality of darker scenes.

  • Buggy SmartCast interface may frustrate users with its limitations.
  • Limited streaming app selection with no option to add new ones curtails the smart TV experience.
  • Poor local dimming performance does not enhance dark scene reproduction as expected.
  • Noticeable dirty screen effect can distract during uniform-color scenes.
  • Only one HDMI 2.1 port limits connectivity for multiple modern devices.
  • Less than ideal darker scene reproduction due to a low native contrast ratio.
  • Sound quality may suffer at high volumes, resulting in compression and distortion.
  • Gray uniformity issues with sides appearing darker than the center.

Expert Opinion on Purchase Decision

When considering whether to purchase this television, prospective buyers should weigh their specific needs against the set's features. For individuals or families who prioritize a bright and vibrant display for diverse viewing conditions and gaming, this television offers compelling advantages, particularly in well-lit rooms or for those who value wide viewing angles. The advanced gaming support with high refresh rate and VRR makes it an attractive option for serious gamers.

However, those who tend to watch content with many dark scenes might find the lower contrast ratio and local dimming performance to be dealbreakers. Additionally, users who are heavily reliant on smart features may be frustrated by the limited app selection and the SmartCast interface's bugs. If the intended use aligns with the TV's strengths, such as gaming or using it as a PC monitor in a bright room, then it is certainly worth considering. Otherwise, potential buyers should carefully consider the downsides, particularly regarding picture quality in dark environments and smart functionality constraints.

Rating: 7.8

Christopher Reed

Christopher Reed is a tech enthusiast who loves reviewing the latest gadgets and TVs. He has a knack for providing an unbiased and thorough assessment of each product, helping readers make informed decisions.